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 Accelerate: A Heaven in Business Conference


Accelerate is een tweedaagse conferentie voor (toekomstige) ondernemers en professionals met een verlangen om de  hemel te zien doorbreken op hun werk. 
Door te focussen op het gebied waar het natuurlijke en het bovennatuurlijke elkaar raken, zullen deelnemers van deze conferentie bovennatuurlijke oplossingen ontdekken voor tastbare problemen die ze tegen komen.

Ons verlangen voor deze conferentie is dat je versnelling (acceleration) zult zien in je (toekomstige) bedrijf en/of je carrière. Daarom hebben we voor een ongebruikelijk format gekozen: als deelnemer neem je een tastbaar probleem/uitdaging mee waar je tegenaan loopt in je professionele leven. We geven je een kader waarbinnen je jouw uitdaging kunt definieren in aanloop naar de conferentie.

Tijdens de conferentie ga je hier mee aan de slag door middel van drie verschillende soorten sessies:
- Inspiratie: Verschillende inspirerende sprekers zullen hun wijsheid en ervaringen met je delen.
- Workshops: Experts zullen je persoonlijk helpen en je verschillende tools bieden om met jouw uitdaging aan de slag te gaan.
- Reflectie: Er is tijd om te reflecteren op wat God tegen je spreekt over je uitdaging. Daarnaast heb je de mogelijkheid om profetische inzichten te ontvangen van ons profetische team. 

Deze conferentie zal je tastbare resultaten bieden die je zowel praktisch als geestelijk zullen helpen in je werk. En nog belangrijker: het zal je een nieuw gevoel van richting geven en duidelijkheid in hoe je vooruit kunt bewegen in je profetische bestemming. We hebben plek voor maximaal 50 deelnemers voor de eerste editie van deze conferentie, dus wees er snel bij. 


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Accelerate is a two day conference for (aspiring) entrepreneurs and professionals who have a desire to see the Kingdom of Heaven invade their work. By focussing on the area where the natural and the supernatural meet in business, participants will discover supernatural solutions to tangible problems they face during this conference.  

Our desire for this conference is for you to see  acceleration in your businesses, soon-to-be business and/or your career. For this reason it’s we’ll be using an unusual format: as a participant you’ll bring a tangible problem/challenge your are facing in your professional life. We’ll give you a framework for defining your challenge and you’ll submit your challenge-statement before the conference begins.

During the conference you’ll work on your challenge through three types of sessions:
- Inspiration: Speakers will share their experience and wisdom with you.
- Workshops: Experts will work closely with you, teaching you new tools and methods to actively work on your challenge together.
- Reflection: You will have time to reflect on what God is saying to you about your challenge and have the opportunity to  receive prophetic insights from our prophetic team.

Ultimately this conference will give you tangible results which will help you both practically and spiritually in your day to day work. More importantly, it will reignite your sense of purpose and give you clarity on how to move towards your prophetic destiny. We are accepting a maximum of 50 participants for the first edition of this conference on a first come first served basis, so if you’re interested in attending make sure you reserve your spot now. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.


Tickets are now available here!



The conference will take place at Lux ad Mosam, Bogaardenstraat 43 in Maastricht.
We advise you to park at the Sphinx parking, which is a 5 minute walk from the venue.


Friday, February 8th

Saturday, February 9th



18.30 uur - Kick Off

09.00 uur - Worship

19.00 uur - David Webster

09.30 uur - Patrick Mayfield: Hearing from God

20.00 uur - Orientation

10.30 uur - *Peter van Schayck: Heavenly Quick Wins

21.00 uur - Conference drinks

                          *Patrick Mayfield: Setting Goals


                          *Peter Powell: Failing Successfully


11.30 uur - Coffee Break


12.00 uur - Reflection


13.00 uur - Lunch Break


14.00 uur - Eric Casters: Consultant to Christian


15.00 uur - Eric Casters: Discover your purpose


15.30 uur - *Patrick Mayfield: Pitching


                          *Charles McLachlan: TBD


16.30 uur - Reflection


17.30 uur - Dinner Break


19.00 uur - Angels Arena


20.30 uur - Worship & Afsluiting

  21.30 uur - Conference drinks


Peter van Schayck MSc
Peter van Schayck (29) grew up and lived most his life in Maastricht. After receiving his Msc. Degree in International Business, Strategic Marketing at the university of Maastricht, he did not pursue a career in corporate business. Instead, his love for the city of Maastricht and its people made him take another turn. Based on his experience with building a community place for students within the city centre, his passion and mission to create more community spots within the area became a reality as an entrepreneur in social projects. Together with his wife Anne-Maaike, they live in one of their community places and are setting up more projects to connect different people in the city. In September he opened the toastibar Grenzeloos together with his wife and best friend Frits. Their goal is to build a platform for people with a refugee background to integrate better and pursue their God given dreams and ambitions

Charles McLachlan MA (Cantab), Emeritus Visiting Professor University College London
With a background in international business consulting and specialist experience in IT, Charles works with leaders in entrepreneurial, educational, professional, corporate and not for profit sectors to bring substantial personal and organisational change. Charles has worked with high growth organisations and movements including start-up, break through growth, scale up and renewal. Examples include: Cinnamon Network for Social Action Franchising, community transformation in Brick Lane, East London, Andersen Business Consulting, three Fast Track Sunday Times Tech 100 winners and the renewal of the Transformational Business Network. Charles’ particular strengths enable him to identify critical factors for future success, facilitate multiple stakeholders to come to a shared understanding of the way forward and support individual leaders to achieve the personal growth they need to engage and contribute.

David Webster
David Webster is Co-Founder and Director of ESSL, and on the Board of Directors at Eastgate Church in England. He oversees teaching and evangelism and also directs the European School of Supernatural Life. He has a passion to see people find intimacy with God, identity in Christ and impact the world around them by living a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

Miriam Wray MA (Oxon), FCA ADIT
Having qualified as a chartered accountant and international tax adviser within the Big 4, Miriam has had a career in transfer pricing, managing value across teams, risks and assets within the corporate structure and tax department of Royal Dutch Shell.
With over 20 years experience of advising charities on financial management and governance, as well as experience of public sector education finances and controls, she brings her experience and understanding of how to optimise assets, processes and people to create sustainable value for communities.

Patrick Mayfield MA, MAPM
A specialist in stakeholder engagement & the leadership of strategic change. Patrick has worked in the public, private and charity sectors. Clients include The Brazilian Central Bank, British Antarctic Survey, TfL, British Foreign Office.?He has facilitated workshops in Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, Kuwait, Ireland, India, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK & USA.?Is qualified in Change Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Programme Management, and is a Member of the Chartered Project Management Association.

Peter Powell B.mus M.mus M.A. 
Peter is a musician by training and an entrepreneur by accident. He's been obsessed with creativity since the age of 6: making music, painting, building furniture or just solving interesting problems. After discovering a knack for business Peter has built two businesses and currently working launching a university for aspiring entrepreneurs. He has lectured in universities and facilitated workshops and design days on creativity, entrepreneurship, marketing and more for organizations around Europe. He has worked with a variety of organizations including The BBC, Atkins Consulting and the Limburg Police. He's passionate about learning and is determined to convince the world that everyone is creative. To learn more about what he's up to you can visit or

Eric Casters
Eric Casters is 47 jaar en getrouwd met Monique. Ze hebben twee kinderen.
Samen hebben ze in 2006 Credo Consultancy opgericht. Uit dit bedrijf is in 2013 de Credo Foundation ontstaan.De Credo Foundation biedt dak- en thuisloze jongeren van 18 tot 24 jaar een veilig (t)huis waar de jongeren werken aan een gezonde identiteit, bekwaamheid en zelfstandigheid. Liefde, tijd en aandacht zijn hierbij de sleutels tot succes. Het aantal Credo Huizen in Nederland en België neemt toe. Daarnaast bouwt Credo momenteel met een aantal pioniers aan een revolutionaire vorm van zorgbekostiging, niet meer 100% afhankelijk van de overheid, maar zelfvoorzienend.  “wat onmogelijk is bij mensen, is mogelijk bij God!”. Eric geeft mee leiding aan de Credo Foundation en is gepassioneerd coach en spreker over “de revolutie van het hart” en “iedereen wint als jij tot bloei komt”.